videogames xbox uno

Hey, I’ve got an idea, you should spend five hours a day pressing the same button over and over again.

It’ll be great, you’ll be handed random VIRTUAL cards, there will be VIRTUALLY no skill involved, you’ll lose VIRTUALLY every hand, and other players will conspire against you using live chat to VIRTUALLY rape you in the ass so that one player plays a wild so that another player throws down a draw two so that your uno becomes tres becomes fuck me I can’t believe I just spent five hours playing virtual Uno.  But hey, you can play it with one hand, which frees up your other hand for doing other things to feel guilty about.  Also, it uses Avatars!

I can’t stop. My wrist is tired, my thumb hurts, and my hand is a deck.

I like to turn on the live chat, recite lyrics from Dr Dre, and turn the lines about how much Eazy E sucks because he’s a little bitch into about how much you suck because you just gave me another wild-draw-four.


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