“The Maw” is The Mawesome


I woke up at 5am this morning, with plans to conquer the world. I had it all figured out, my way to win it all, to get out of debt, to put a down payment on the house, to inspire a generation, to etch my name permanently in the halls of greatness. In other words: I had an idea for a kickass blog. And I was going to work on it today, you know, bright and early, and so I got up, and I opened up my browser to get started, wordpress-style, and then I thought I’d check Joystiq to see what was new, and then I saw that some cute X-Box Live Arcade game had been released today called “The Maw.”

Five minutes later, I had my X-Box revved up, the demo downloaded, and I was a little bee-looking alien feeding a purple blob called The Maw. Ten minutes after that, I’d charged my AMEX to get the full game.  Five hours passed in a flash, with only a break for coffee and toilet and cinnamon roll (not in that order), and I was wrapping up the last level.

So yes, it’s short.  It’s also FUN, so you know, fuck off.  It’s got the best production values of any XBLA original yet, hands down.  It may only be eight levels long, but each level introduces a new element to the awesomeness.  Your Maw is always gaining new powers and he’s always gaining strength and growing in size (and -SPOILER ALERT- he gets BIG).  And somehow with no words, the storytelling just works. Oh, and this sound! This music!

The Maw is a complete package. It’s ten dollars.  It’s not mindblowing, it’s not going to change the world, but if you need a platformer for a few hours, if you need a beautiful distraction, SHIT if you just need a quick 200 Achievement Points, DOWNLOAD THE MAW NOW.

Or you know, when you get a chance. No presh.  As for me, I better go work on that blog that’s guaranteed to make me millions. I mean, right after getting this last achievement, of course.


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