Last Week in Gaming

Here are the top 5 stories in videogames from last week:

1. Star Wars: The Old Republic closed beta starts – We try e-mailing Bioware customer support, telling them that “we are the beta testing droids they are looking for.” No success.

2. Michael Jackson: The Game is now called Michael Jackson: The Experience – if it doesn’t use the Wii remote for a baby-dangling off of a balcony mini-game, we don’t think it’ll be the whole experience.

3. Telltale polls users about what they want from the Back to the Future videogame – I send them 5 e-mails.
A. The Power of Love on loop.
B. Hover boards.
C. At least but no greater than 1.21 gigawatts.
D. A no hands mode (“You have to use your hands? It’s like a baby’s game!”)

4. Crackdown 2 comes out – Or should I say you can buy Crackdown 1 again, 3 years later, with slightly better graphics? But wait, you’re saying they spent 3 years putting new orbs in? Oh, nevermind, must buy.

5. Red Dead Redemption sells a ton of copies – I say it needs more giant mechanical spiders. I guess I’m still waiting for Wild Wild West the game.

–Adam Dorsey


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