MUSIC VIDEO: The Winning Caption – “The Game”

Here is a music video I made in collaboration with P. Nathan Smith and his band “The Winning Caption.” Using Rock Band 3, a lot of plastic instruments, and even more of me jumping around and acting a fool.

This was shot as a test using my new Canon t3i camera. Expect more videos soon!


2 responses to “MUSIC VIDEO: The Winning Caption – “The Game”

  1. How did you get rid of the hiss? I saw your posts about the hiss, and 5 days later, you posted this. What did you do? We are filming our daughter’s movie in 5 days with the t3i, and can’t get rid of the hiss! Help!

    • I still have the hiss. I haven’t shot much lately, but when I have the hiss has still been there, and I’ve just fixed it in post using noise removal software. Check out this video here, in which I had the same hiss, but then removed it:

      I’m going to be shooting a live event next week using a new mic, and I might play with some custom firmware, so I’ll let you know what happens. That said, right now my best advice is to fix it in post (I use the noise reduction in Soundtrack Pro). Which, I admit, is horrible advice.

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