Deus Ex: Human Repetition

“If only they would remake Deus Ex!” the people said. The game-makers,  eventually, listened.

And so we have Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It’s a decent enough game. If you like the original Deus Ex, then you’ll probably like this. If you didn’t, you probably won’t.

But here is the problem: It is just a remake of Deus Ex. That’s it. Rather than improve upon the original, Human Revolution rehashes it: same bad voiceover acting  and accents, same basic level design, nearly the same muddled plot, filled with conspiracy theories, and same awkward ending.

So, it’s not bad, exactly, but we’ve developed so much since then, not merely in terms of graphics (which are decent, but nothing amazing), but in terms of gameplay and story design. The levels are static in a way that no longer makes sense for levels: You can move some crates, and open some doors, but that’s it. So the levels aren’t really “open-ended,” they simply offer 2 or 3 ways of getting to the same goal, rather than 1 (and generally, those other ways break down to: Kill everyone, or sneak through airducts). Characters wander around aimlessly and get in your way, but have no real purpose. If you have the right augmentation (upgrades to your character), then boss battles are simple: otherwise, they’re impossible. And there are cutscenes: Many, many cut scenes. Haven’t we grown past all this?

To be clear: Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a fine game. But the original Deus Ex was revolutionary: a FPS in which you could upgrade your character, your decisions had definite impacts on the story, and you were not forced into solving puzzles in 1 way. Deus Ex: Human Revolution uses all that, but nothing else. There’s nothing new here. There’s no real reason to care about it.

Curtis Retherford


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  1. Are you guys still doing this thing?

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