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Mass Effect 3 One True Ending

Here’s a spoiler-free video I made to poke a little fun at the whole Mass Effect 3 ending upset. You probably have to have some familiarity with Mass Effect to have any idea what I’m talking about up there.

I’m actually not done with the game yet, so please no real spoilers.


Ubisoft Media Event E3 2011 Round Up

Adam attended the Ubisoft Press Conference at E3 2011 and has survived to make jokes about it. Here are the highlights of the show.


The truth comes out when Adam and Nathan play with their phones while watching Pokemon cartoons.

Homefront: Hide n Seek

Here’s a parody trailer we made for a possible Homefront sequel.

Halo Reach Noble Map Pack

In this episode of Multiplayer Singleplayer, Adam gets the new Halo: Reach Noble Map Pack… or does he?

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit – Small Complaints – Car Unlocks

New Video! Halo Reach – Armory Shopping

Special thanks go out to P. Nathan Smith’s pipes.